It’s been almost a week since we’ve launched the new website!

And so it goes that this was also the last week of vacation! We seriously feel your pain, we know how amazing it is to be able to sleep to the noon and to do whatever you want all the time!

To help you ease into the brand new school year we’ve prepared a few product recommendations for you!

1. Backpacks!

Well, that was rather expected. It’s hard to go to school without the backpack, so if you can have a good looking one, that’s awesome! These backpacks are ridiculosyly practical, they fit A LOT of stuff and you can take them anywhere!

Magic Cat Backpack

Dreamer Backpack

2. Windbreakers

The start of school year marks another sad event… the start of Autumn. No more t-shirts and tank-tops, no more sun and heat! We want you to be prepared for every weather, that’s why you need a windbreaker! It will protect you from wind and rain, and it’s so light you can keep it in your backpack! But BEWARE, it will protect you so well, you will probably never get sick, so no more sick-days for you.

Awesome Windbreaker


God Team Windbreaker


3. Bomber jackets

Like in all the American movies about school, where every cool kid wears a bomber jacket with his football team logo, but these are so much more awesome because they have our designs on them! By wearing those, you will definitely become the best looking person in your school!

Prismatic Bomber Jacket


Boba Fett Bomber Jacket


4. Hoodies

This list would not be complete without our BEST SELLING PRODUCTS - hoodies! And we understand why - these are simply the best articles of clothing you can own. Period. You can wear them anywhere and anytime, they fit in every look imaginable and they are so incredibly comfortable we basically live in ours.

Dreamer Hoodie


Painter Hoodie


These are all the picks we have chosen for you this week, if you're interested in any of those we have a surpise for you - apply the Code "BLOG" when you are in the "Payment methods" tab in Checkout for a 5% off your order! Happy Shopping!

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